Alaa Wardi

Alaa Wardi is an independent Musician, Singer/Songwriter and Social Media content creator who is popular for his A Cappella work in the Arab world and internationally. After starting his journey in 2011, Wardi now has over 150 million views on his YouTube channel and almost a million subscribers.

Coming from Iranian origins, Wardi was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, studied music in Jordan and currently lives in Turkey. His multicultural background allowed him to absorb various musical styles and learn 5 languages with different dialects which he uses in his songs, and that has extended his relatability and reach to countries beyond his region, to gain more popularity across all continents.

Alaa’s mission is to create entertaining content that inspires people and encourages them to approach life with more positivity.

Wardi aims to have an impact on the ever changing creative culture by constantly challenging himself with new creative audiovisual ideas whether it was through his original songs or his unique way of doing covers.

His presence in the past years was not limited to youtube A Cappella music videos, Wardi also released 2 original solo albums, 2 original studio albums as the frontman of the Arabic rock band "Hayajan", music shows, performed live at the biggest regional events, as well as being one of the regular faces on TV and SM commercials.

These releases have gained Alaa recognition by the biggest platforms in the industry, his A Cappella Album "Fi Ba7ri" has been featured as "top selling" on the front page of Itunes.